Sunday, October 26, 2008

Work accomplished today

Well, we had about 7 people out to work on trail today, counting Trace Larson with a couple of relatives who couldn't find us so they did some needed work in a different area!!

The rest of us worked down near the pond on the extension.   This is very close to being done.   I think about 8 more man-hours will have this section ready to open.  This will be a very fun 
little section with some switchbacks that will come around the pond on the city property and meet with the existing trail right as it enters the woods on the MDC property.   I will have a map of this soon (if Neale Shour comes through like he always does!!!).  

There will be a lot of small workdays in the coming months, so watch out for emails.   

Remember, our big workday will be Dec. 6th.   I think this is going to be a big day for corridor clearing to really establish the trail headed north in the woods.  

Thanks for those who came out today:

Buzz and daughter Lauren.
Neil Battrum
Steve Matthews from Paceline Products
Trace Larson and relatives.  

Also don't forget the Halloween ride at Smithville on Friday night.   Folks will arrive between 8 and 9 (after the kids are done grabbing candy).   A night ride and then chili/drinks and a fire to follow.