Saturday, November 29, 2008

12/6 Workday

Well the paint might not be dry on the "Neale's Trail" sign at SMV (I am bummed I had to work today and miss that), but we are looking forward to next Saturday!

Stocksdale is no longer the newest trail in the area (Swope stole that from us!!), but we are still working on some really new and cool stuff.   We have about a mile of new trail flagged, cleared and mostly destaubed.   This is some really fun stuff and will have some nice rocky, root-filled areas.   

The new stuff will continue the tradition of tight, flowey (is that even a word?) trail that we already have and add in some more technical features.   

It looks like it should be good weather late next week for trail work.   All help will be appreciated.  Donuts and coffee at 8 a.m. at the horseshoe arena.  

Questions, post here or give me a shout at:   sww "at"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Work Behind the Bridge

I show up just in time to do the "work" of the first ride

The deck going on.

That looks like fun to me.

Ron holds the tools like a scrub nurse for Buzz.

Thanks to Lauren Taylor for snapping the photos.  

These guys are workhorses!

Ron on a big boy bike

Buzz, on the other hand, makes my bike look small

He was even able to walk across it without falling off

The final product.   Add a couple nice rocks on the approach and it is good to go.

Neil Battrum, Clay Lozier, Ron Bodine and Buzz Taylor were out working again today while I was catching up around the house.   

While Neil and Clay were doing staub removal Ron and Buzz were bridging a soggy area where a new trail will soon be open.   I actually rode up right as the last nail was going in (literally) and I got to be the first rider across.   


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Trail Work Accomplished Today and Teaser photos!

Nice little rock drop with a "dumb" line also

You'll be able to take either a moderate route or a 
"black diamond" route down this rock.  You can huck it if you're up to it.

A nice little drop as you approach the bigger rock

Thank God that is Buzz's dog wearing pink.

Thanks for the crew that came out today for trail work at Stocksdale:

Buzz and Lauren Taylor
Ron Bodine
Clay Lozier
Neil Battrum 
and Anne Woody

Lauren and Anne were picking up trash for us, and sorted it for recycling!!

Also, congrats to the Swope Park trail crew on opening a brand new singletrack hiking and mountain biking trail.   Sorry I missed their trail opening.  Check their blog out, there is a link over on the left.