Monday, December 14, 2009


Went out and GPS'd the new trail today since it is all flagged. There is a lot of work to do yet, hopefully we can get it done. There is still a fair amount of corridor to be cleared and then quite a bit of benching and some crossings to deal with before we can open. We need your help!!

Here is a GPS of the new trail and the existing, open trail.

GPS of the new trail by itself.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Map

Here is a new map, courtesy of Neale. Just a couple of tweeks.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Kudos from riders

Some posts regarding Stocksdale Trails that have been found on the forums:

--I rode Stocksdale for the second time this morning and I must say I love the switchbacks I find it to be a very athletic romp with a change of direction every two or three seconds. I find myself more worn out after 14 miles here than I tend to after 24 at SMV. And the nice thing is even with it being a short course, each lap I found myself getting faster and that just made it funner.

--This was a fun ride, a lot of climbing it seems at times.

--I took my wife and some friends out there and we rode on Saturday. I rode the first time with all of them and then again by myself to get an idea of the flow with a little speed going. I am impressed with the trail. It's not an epic all day trail by any means, but it's a great start and I'm extremely excited to finally have some single track in Liberty.

--I have to agree. I haven't ridden SWW a lot until just recently. I think I've got more work hours on it than ride hours. I'm growing more fond of it all the time. Nothing suppa' technical, just fun flowing, short climb trail. I had a blast out there tonight rolling it on the single speed.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Work date correction

All: The Stocksdale work date has to move to 10/31. It will not be on 10/24

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Well, the meeting was a success.   We weren't sure about the trail conditions for a while with the rain in recent days.  The trails were tacky to greasy, but overall very rideable.   

Thanks to the following: 

Ben Bolin for grilling. 

In-a-tub (Aaron Beeman) for donating the meat.

Joe Folse and Aaron Browning for condiments.

Buzz Taylor for chips.  

Toyota for the free hats.

KCB Bank (Kelly Peitzman) for the bottle openers

Biscari Brothers Bike Shop for the free tubes and bottles.

Steve Rice for the potato salad.

Also thanks to the City of Liberty Parks Department for use of the shelter house, it was perfect.

A great big thanks to those of you who made the trek up north to sample our trails in Liberty for the first time.  They are a work in progress, so be sure to come back often!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Earthriders Meeting at Stocksdale

Wow, I haven't posted anything in a long while!

Aside from trimming and maintenance, there hasn't been a lot going on to post. However,
next week will be the Earthriders monthly meeting and Stocksdale will be the host.

Please come on out and meet some mountain bikers and grab a bite to eat. Of course, you will have to ride a little bit!

Hope to see you.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We Pass a 1,000 hours!

Thanks to William Elcan, Buzz Taylor, Ron Bodine and Ed Overstreet we got some gravel moved to muddy sections. We also worked on a cool reroute (at intersection #5) that is close to being done.

With the hours logged today we passed a 1,000 volunteer hours!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Work Accomplished in Recent Days

Well, the weather conditions so far this spring are not so great but we did manage to get a few odd jobs accomplished in recent days.

We did three small reroutes of the original trail on MDC property to address minor erosion developing.

We also have flagged a reroute of the extension between marker #5 and #6. This could possibly be done this spring and will allow us to bypass the soggy area on this extension. It will also be quite a bit more interesting and improve the "flow" of the trail.

Hopefully trail conditions will improve soon and we can get out and ride!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Workday 3/21, New Trail Opened

We had a great turnout of a spring workday and we got a lot done. Enough that we have been able to open the new section of trail!! There are still a couple areas that need a bit done, but it is all pretty much rideable or runnable (is that a word?). A big thanks to all the help.

Some nice armoring with some monsters rocks.

Buzz is smiling because he knows he will make the Blog!

Some really nice vertical armoring being done by Neale.

The other Neil using the Dingo!

Some benchcutting going on.

Again a special thanks to those who came out:

Neale Shour
Stan Gaskill
Ed Overstreet
Chris (didn't catch that last name)
Stephen Levenhagen
Carrie Hyder
Nestor (from Los Campos on the square, good food!)
Curtis Matthews
William Elcan
Trace Larsen
Andrew Bilen
Buzz Taylor
Clay Lozier
Neil Battrum

Also thanks to Darren Epperson for coming out during the week doing work, he was off skiing today in Colorado.

If I missed any one in this, please be sure to let me know!!
Well, my daughter let me know after my original post that she helped move a few rocks, so add Anne Woody to the list!

Get out an use the trail to get it worn in.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Don't Just Work!!!

Looks like he might have a 6 pack of Boulevard in that jersey!

A quick breather after climbing out of the spine run.

After not being able to ride for quite a while due to muddy trail, a few of us got out for a ride tonight! What a great spring evening.

We even sampled the new trail a bit. It is coming along nicely, with a good work day this Saturday we might be able to open it up. We are very close I think.

If you possibly can, get out for a hike, trail run or a ride. Apart from a couple of sections that you have to walk due to mud, the trails are in fantastic shape.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Workday 2/15 and New Map!

New map, courtesy of Neale Shour

Trace and Battrum using the rock carrier

Well, some more work got done today.   The bad news is that I am writing this while sitting in the hospital waiting for my son to get out of surgery.   He managed to break his leg playing football.   He should have been out doing trail work!

Anyway, Clay, Neil, Ed Overstreet, Trace Larson and Buzz and I got out today.   We got a little bit more benchcutting done.  We moved a fair amount of rock for armoring, etc.  Also did a small reroute of the new trail to address a soggy spot.   A nice day to be out.   Things are looking very good for our 3/21 workday.  Our goal is to open the new trail that day!

We did have a chance to try out Harter's new rock carrier.  

Neale Shour has put together a new map reflecting the new trail to be opened in March.  

Obviously this section isn't open to riding yet.  But I think some hiking/walking on it would be good to pack it down as long as it isn't muddy. 



Saturday, January 10, 2009

Workday and Birthday!

Thanks to Clay, Neil, Buzz, Brett and Steve Matthews for coming out today to get some work done.    Quite a bit of destaubing got done today.  

Our kiosk sign finally got planted. 

A big thanks to Paceline Products (Steve Matthews), Orange Technologies (Neil Battrum) and Biscari Brothers bikes for helping fund the sign.  Biscari also loaned us a gas powered auger which was awesome.

A special "Happy Birthday" to Clay!

Steve Matthews from Paceline, myself and Neil Battrum (trail steward and 
owner of Orange Technologies)

Clay's wife surprised him with a cake.  We'll pretend that is a fat tire bike.

The presentation of the cake (and yes, it was delicious)