Saturday, March 30, 2013

Signage, Part 2 and disc golf

So, what do you do when some D-bag steals the signs that two 6 foot guys put up?   You get the tallest mountain biker you know and put him on a ladder to put the signs back up.

Thanks to Buzz Taylor we got the signs back up at SWW.  You will need to look up a bit to see them, they are 9-10 feet up in the trees, but they should stay there.   Unless the same D-bag wants to come out with a ladder.

On another note, Liberty Parks is putting a disc golf course in at Stocksdale.  This will have some effect on the trails, but not too much.  They will cross the trail in 3-4 places.   Generally the line of sight should minimize any chance of getting dinged by a disc.  You will see some clearing of brush for this project.

An aptly named trail.