Friday, January 13, 2012

New Map


Anonymous said...

Contemplating a ride here today or tomorrow. Is the trail dry/ open? Shoot me a note. Iamgoode@aol

Anonymous said...

I wish to pass on some information regarding the mountain biking trails at the Walnut Woods Conservation Area in Liberty, MO. The new trails there are fantastic. I am an avid Mnt bike rider and appreciate all the hard work that was put into this trail system. I am also am an Environmental Scientist with soils experience by profession. It is unfortunate though, that the extent of the trails has gone unchecked. The trail system in the Walnut Woods CA has long ago reach capacity and should be immediately stopped before additional unchecked damage to the land happens.
Specifically, very recently there is a new mnt biking trail spur under construction on the Southeast portion of the conservation area. It is being dug into the side of a somewhat steep grade in very lose un-compacted soil. I was there last week before the rains and the trail was already eroding the hill all along the spur. It’s obvious that no prior engineering thought or planning was put into this, other than it looked like a cool route. I suggest you send somebody out there immediately and check it out to see the extent of the recent damage to the land. With the spring rains coming, the whole path along this section will be greatly eroding and washing soil down into the creek. As much as I enjoy mountain biking, this sort of unchecked digging and building on that trail system needs to stop before more damage is done.

Camden said...

Had to let ya guys know that you have done an awesome job. Almost made the entire length until I had to go to work this morning. I will be back this week to exact my revenge.

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