Monday, November 22, 2010

Update on the Out-n-back

Thought I should update the blog a bit. I have been slacking on keeping this up to date.
There has been a lot of trail work getting done this fall. The weather is good and we have had a lot of people stepping up and helping out. Most of the work has been on the out-n-back trail that we didn't finish last year due to the bad winter. Here are a few photos of some of the features on this section of trail. This trail is consistent with much of SWW, twisty singletrack with some technical features. The trail will have some longer stretches of open trail with more flow before it is finished.

Elevated walkway over a soggy area. Thanks to Ron Bodine (pictured)
and Buzz Taylor.

A nice example of vertical armoring, a sustainable trail practice.
Can't remember everyone that worked on this, but I know Tim King and
Clay Lozier worked pretty hard on it. Thanks guys.

Clay's favorite tree. Easy to ride under and looks pretty cool on a night ride.

A nice stretch of benchcutting on a neat little section of trail.