Sunday, February 15, 2009

Workday 2/15 and New Map!

New map, courtesy of Neale Shour

Trace and Battrum using the rock carrier

Well, some more work got done today.   The bad news is that I am writing this while sitting in the hospital waiting for my son to get out of surgery.   He managed to break his leg playing football.   He should have been out doing trail work!

Anyway, Clay, Neil, Ed Overstreet, Trace Larson and Buzz and I got out today.   We got a little bit more benchcutting done.  We moved a fair amount of rock for armoring, etc.  Also did a small reroute of the new trail to address a soggy spot.   A nice day to be out.   Things are looking very good for our 3/21 workday.  Our goal is to open the new trail that day!

We did have a chance to try out Harter's new rock carrier.  

Neale Shour has put together a new map reflecting the new trail to be opened in March.  

Obviously this section isn't open to riding yet.  But I think some hiking/walking on it would be good to pack it down as long as it isn't muddy.