Saturday, December 15, 2012

Skills Loop Progress

There was major progress on the skills loop today.   The work included:

A series of rock step ups (or drop downs going the other way).  These progress from just a few inches to about 22 inches in height.   There are multiple lines.  There are 3 distinct points of steps with each point having at least two different lines.  Between the second and third point there is a 18 inch drop off of a ledge as well.

This is the second point step up.   

This is the second point closer up.  
The third point is taller, but has 3 distinct lines.

The second project for the day was a simple skinny with low risk.   1' off the ground.   24 feet long.   8 inches wide.  

Simple, straight forward skinny with a little risk involved.
After you clear the third rock step up you have a short recovery and then come to this. 

The third project for the day was somewhat unplanned.   After the bobcat work for the rock step ups, we were left with some big piles of dirt.   We built a series of dirt rollers (think large rollers on a pump track).   These occur just after the railroad ties.   The dirt rollers are on about a 12' distance apart from one another (measured from the high point on the pile).   They are of varying heights, but reach over two feet tall (close to 3 feet in some instances).  

The dirt rollers will undoubtedly need some refinement, we need to see how they ride and then adjust them, but should evolve into a fun feature.   I was too tired to snap a photo.