Saturday, March 21, 2009

Workday 3/21, New Trail Opened

We had a great turnout of a spring workday and we got a lot done. Enough that we have been able to open the new section of trail!! There are still a couple areas that need a bit done, but it is all pretty much rideable or runnable (is that a word?). A big thanks to all the help.

Some nice armoring with some monsters rocks.

Buzz is smiling because he knows he will make the Blog!

Some really nice vertical armoring being done by Neale.

The other Neil using the Dingo!

Some benchcutting going on.

Again a special thanks to those who came out:

Neale Shour
Stan Gaskill
Ed Overstreet
Chris (didn't catch that last name)
Stephen Levenhagen
Carrie Hyder
Nestor (from Los Campos on the square, good food!)
Curtis Matthews
William Elcan
Trace Larsen
Andrew Bilen
Buzz Taylor
Clay Lozier
Neil Battrum

Also thanks to Darren Epperson for coming out during the week doing work, he was off skiing today in Colorado.

If I missed any one in this, please be sure to let me know!!
Well, my daughter let me know after my original post that she helped move a few rocks, so add Anne Woody to the list!

Get out an use the trail to get it worn in.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

We Don't Just Work!!!

Looks like he might have a 6 pack of Boulevard in that jersey!

A quick breather after climbing out of the spine run.

After not being able to ride for quite a while due to muddy trail, a few of us got out for a ride tonight! What a great spring evening.

We even sampled the new trail a bit. It is coming along nicely, with a good work day this Saturday we might be able to open it up. We are very close I think.

If you possibly can, get out for a hike, trail run or a ride. Apart from a couple of sections that you have to walk due to mud, the trails are in fantastic shape.