Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Trail Workdates for 2008-09

O.k. all,

ERTA had their big pow-wow to set trail building dates. The plan is
similar to years past. Each trail will have local dates at their
discretion for smaller workdays and at least one big workday.

Our big workday will be December 6th. We hope to have about 2 miles
of trail flagged and there should be plenty of corridor clearing to
do. Watch for posts closer to time, if the corridor gets cleared
more than I expect, this could turn into more of a bench cutting
day. We may well have an option for another big workday late in the
season, like March or later. If so, this would almost surely be a
benching day.

Also, watch for posts on a regular basis for smaller work days. There
will be quite a few of these in the coming months and there will be
ample opportunity to help out. I think we have Buzz Taylor and Ron
Bodine tapped on a couple of smaller projects that will be very cool
additions and they might appreciate an email to see how you can help.

As always, give me a shout with questions.



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