Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yeah, it has been a while.

Well, I finally have gotten around to getting a new map out. This map includes the completed new loop that was an out and back last riding season. Of course, we have been done with the loop for a while, but with an injury, work and other stuff I haven't gotten around to getting the new map posted. Thanks, as always, to Neale Shour for the map work.

Note: The markers #17-21 have not been placed in the field, but we wanted to get the map done. The markers should be placed in September.

Also, watch for the field loop to be improved. We have some new equipment that will allow a uniform spraying of the field that will give a nice wide trail to prevent rutting from grass roots.


Dan Anders said...

matt -- this map is awesome! I've done several runs at Wyco Lake with the TrailNerds and am looking to more fully explore the Stocksdale/WW trails, as I've never had a map. Do you have anything that shows the distance(s) of the loops, or at least scale of the map?

again...super job on the map and the trail work. bravo!

JaseFifty1 said...

Dan, I typically run dirt trails at or a little faster than about a 12 minute pace. I regularly run the outer perimeter of Stocksdale / Walnut Woods in about 60 minutes, give or take a couple of minutes. So I figure the outer perimeter is around 5 miles.

JohnnyRock said...

Not to be lazy or pissy....has not anyone walked the trails with a pedometer to get a more exact mileage for any of the trails?
JaseFifty wrote "about a 12 minute pace." what does that mean??
12 minute PER MILE pace?
And..(not pickin on you Jase) 'outer perimeter'? that tells me nothing.
I can do the SOUTH loop in about 25 minutes, and that's not kickn A.

Any help or insight would be nice... thanks! And..btw...this course is PERFECT and amazing!!! Great job to everyone who's helped!