Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pump Track

Well, the city wants a pump track at Stocksdale and we are happy to oblige.  Clay is the man with the plan for this.  The city has plenty of dirt to provide and Adam Morse has a Bobcat and skills.  

Clay's hope is to have the first phase of the pump track done for the June Earthriders meeting.  So come on out and enjoy pulled pork sandwiches provided by Biscari Brothers bike shop and warm up on the pump track before hitting the trails.

First bermed turn


kevin holland said...

Awesome new addition. Read the completed work today and my four-year-old loved it. I can't wait to get out tomorrow and try it myself.

Gerald said...

Must check this out :)

dissertation writer said...

Oh WOW ! This is really neat. You know i have always wanted to go hiking but neither does my social circle agree nor do i myself get the time to do it. :(